Remember the Name – Lexi Thompson

This is J. W with a quick note about last weekend. Lexi Thompson just won her first LPGA event… at the age of 16. This accomplishment is from a young woman who competed in the Women’s U.S. Open at age 12. I have an 11 year old son, and it is hard for me to imagine a 12 year old competing at that level. Of course, there is a big difference between men’s and women’s competition, but qualifying on her own merit to compete at that level is not be to taken lightly.

It looks like Lexi Thompson definitely qualifies under the category ‘phenom.’ I am not going to burden her with any additional labels or predictions of future domination. I am just going to remember the name and hope that she successfully navigates the perils of working in an adult world as a young adult.

Good luck, Lexi. Play well.

Welcome to Golfnia!

Welcome to the inaugural post in the Official Golfnia Blog.  My name is J. W. Penland, and I am one of the founders at Golfnia.   We will be using our new blog to talk about Golfnia and what is going on with our site as well as to blog about the game of golf and our passion for it as well as other topics that we find relevant.   Thanks for checking it out!

So what is Golfnia?   Golfnia is result of our vision for a social golf website.   Basically, it is a place for golf buddies to track, connect and share all things related to golf.

As we were considering building and launching a golf-related site, we took a look at the golf website landscape.   We saw a lot of the same things over and over and over again like course directories, find new golf buddies, discussion forums and golf news.   What we didn’t see where tools to help golfers further enjoy their passion for the game.  And these sites really weren’t social…at least not how we would define social.

So we invented Golfnia!   We hope you are enjoying it.   Building this site has been a journey…and it will continue to be so.   Our vision will evolve – hopefully with your contributions.   We would love to know what you think and how you would like to see Golfnia grow.

We would encourage you to share your passion for the game with your golf buddies through Golfnia.  Hopefully, we have given you the tools to do so easily.

In the meantime, play well!